Questions Keeping Me Up At Night

My startup is concerned about hiring the right people – how can we ensure the special “DNA” of our culture and values is preserved as we grow? Why does a new hire who meets all the technical qualifications sometimes fail? How do we differentiate ourselves in a competitive job market? If we’re no longer a small organization, we’ve defined values but they’re just posters on the wall and words on a website - how do we make them come alive in day to day work behaviors?  How do we deal with the gaps between our words and our actual working culture?

Clarity on values and culture is essential to a competitive hiring position, and for productive behaviors to thrive in your working environment.  I can work with you on defining/refining values and culture - a key enabler for smart growth and development.


What It Looks Like

Introductory Meeting: You will be asked to provide background on your hiring, values, working environment in order to choose the best approach:

Workshop Approach: Three-hour training on effective hiring practices focused on ways to hire for cultural fit.

Consulting Approach: Two half-day sessions with me where the first is data gathering by interviewing key members of your senior management team and possible culture survey completion

Deliverable:  Presentation to your management team, customized for your organization


When Is It Relevant

Typically two scenarios:

Smaller organizations with as little as 20 ranging up to 100 employees who want to articulate values and culture for the first time.

Larger organizations of 100-1,000, and even up to 5,000 where values and culture are outdated, or the walk and the talk do not consistently match.


“I have benefited enormously from Ilana’s deep expertise over the last several years, which led to several impactful initiatives across two major nonprofit organizations.  She partnered with us to overhaul the HR function and processes, revitalize hiring and performance management, train our managers and keep everyone focused and on track. More recently, I engaged Ilana to shape our change management strategy and help redefine our organizational culture.  Ilana became an integral part of our people strategy by facilitating internal teams to develop and own a leadership model, and define our values. Ilana is an outstanding, insightful, and personable consultant any organization would be fortunate to engage.”

- Martine Singer, President and CEO, Children’s Institute, Inc.