Questions Keeping Me Up At Night

I realize good managers are the gateway to employee engagement, yet our managers have little to no training.  They want to be effective, but they don’t know how – are there specific skills in managing performance, delivering feedback, motivating and developing employees that can be easily learned?  I can’t send my managers for 2-3 days away from the office - Can training be more flexibly delivered, and targeted to our specific needs?


What It Looks Like

Introductory Meeting: You will be asked to provide background on your managers and what they struggle with to build best targeted approach to training

Workshop Approach: Customize based on the above assessment, but typically delivered in two three-hour skill building workshops on becoming a more effective manager to enhance employee performance and engagement.

Focus is on the hands-on day-to-day realities of managing - not the theory. No nonsense guidance, practical templates and problem solving, tools for cultivating specific behaviors and conversations.


When Is It Relevant

Typically 5-50 Managers


“I had the opportunity to work closely with Ilana on leadership training she developed for my agency.  I enjoyed the collaborative process and greatly benefitted from the final training product. I continue to utilize what I gained from our work together on a regular basis.”

- Mat Judd, LCSW, Clinical Director of Desert Programs, Pacific Clinics


"Ilana was immensely helpful in my various leadership roles. She helped work through not only big picture operational and scaling questions, but assisted in intricate advising on managerial dynamics, as I struggled with 12 direct reports in addition to 24 part time employees I’ve been fortunate to benefit from Ilana’s coaching as she provided very practical strategies to manage a large team of employees, build a supportive governing board of directors, manage budget challenges, and then to smoothly transition into a new role when the time was right. Ilana provided mentor support with practical tips and friendly confidence-building. I always felt she had my best interests in her heart and mind, and would not only recommend working with her but intend to continue to do so myself."

- Meredith Rothbart, Director, Kids4Peace, 2017-2019

אילנה הגישה לי סיוע רב ביותר, כשליוותה את המעבר שלי לתפקיד חדש כמנהלת לקידס4פיס ינואר (2017-2019) ואף לאחר מכן. היא סייעה לי לא רק ביכולת לראות את התמונה הגדולה, אלא גם בייעוץ שוטף לגבי אתגרי ניהול מורכבים, ובכלל זה האתגר של ניהול 12 עובדים ישירים ו-24 עובדים במשרות חלקיות. זו הייתה זכות לקבל את אילנה כמאמנת - היא סיפקה אסטרטגיות מעשיות מאוד לניהול צוות גדול של עובדים, בניית וועד מנהל תומך, ניהול תקציב במצבים לא פשוטים, ומעברים בין תפקידים. אילנה סיפקה לי תמיד תמיכה ותשומת לב אישית שתמיד לוותה באמון וידידות. תמיד הרגשתי שהיא רואה לנגד עיניה כל הזמן את טובתי והצלחתי. אני לא רק ממליצה לעבוד איתה אלא מתכוונת להמשיך לעשות זאת בעצמי

מרדית רותברט, מנהלת, קידס4פיס, 2017-2019 -