Questions Keeping Me Up At Night

My organization is going through rapid growth, large scale change, or transition. We are beginning to encounter growing pains because we can’t keep up with pace/size/rate of growth and/or complexity.  Our employees work hard, but I fear they are not working “smart” and risk burnout. What should we be working on to address these challenges?


What It Looks Like

Introductory Meeting: You will be asked to provide background on your organizational structure and scaling challenges.

Consulting Approach: Two half-day sessions with me where the first is data gathering by interviewing key members of your senior management team

Deliverable: Presentation to your management team, customized for your organization


When Is It Relevant

Typically 100 - 1,000 employees, could vary based on organizational circumstances


“I have known Ilana for many years across both large and small companies - she is an exceptional human resources professional with a focus in organizational development.  Over the years, she has been a steady hand in guiding incredibly difficult organizational development challenges including large scale integration of acquisitions and rapid growth situations for business units inside a large multinational and stand along biotechnology companies.  

Most recently, as CEO of a publicly- traded, rapid-growth, biopharmaceutical company,  we recognized the need to take our start-up culture to the next level, build up processes, systems, and internal operations, and design a corporate architecture before we doubled our headcount.  Ilana became a valued partner and delivered a diagnostic analysis, created management ownership of change, and developed specific tools and practical recommendations to facilitate our growth. I highly recommend her to leaders of emerging growth scenarios – whether in smaller or larger enterprises - seeking organizational development guidance with an action-oriented, get-it-done, approach.”

- Amit D. Munshi, President and CEO, Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.