Questions Keeping Me Up At Night

I’ve done a good job hiring great people on my team, yet they are not automatically operating as a high performing team with respect to basics like communication and collaboration.  What can I do?
We spend a lot of time together focused on the content of our teams’ goals and  deliverables, but we don’t really invest time on how we work together.


What It Looks Like

Introductory Meeting: You will be asked to provide background on your team and what challenges you are facing. The process will be described, and includes 15-20 minutes of advanced preparation by each team member.

Approach: A half-day facilitated workshop with you and your direct reports designed to enhance team performance.

The team will be introduced to the tool I use called the DiSC profile - a work style instrument based on behavioral responses in the work environment. Using this research-validated learning model, the profile offers personalized insights for participants, helping them discover how to better connect and effectively work with each other. The model can be used with people at any level in an organization, ultimately improving the quality of the workplace.

Typical Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Understand the applications of the model for interpersonal communications, and team and workplace effectiveness.

  • Optimize their ability to work with others who have different styles for improved collaboration.

  • Assess team culture, build ownership and agreements on how to operate as a team.


When Is It Relevant

Typically 4-10 Direct Reports


“As the CEO of an organization with 20 full-time employees, I face ongoing managerial challenges. I have been fortunate to have Ilana by my side to consult and coach me through the process.  Ilana has understood the organization's goals, and led practical and engaging professional development workshops for the management team and the entire staff. Ilana's experience together with her ability to listen and her sincerity make working with her a total pleasure and a valuable resource.”

- Meir Hoyzman, Executive Director, Ramah Israel

כמנכ"ל ארגון עם 20 עובדים במשרה מלאה, אני מתמודד ביום יום עם אתגרים ניהוליים מורכבים. זכיתי להתמודד איתם כשאילנה נמצאת לצדי להתייעצות ולהדרכה. אילנה למדה את מטרות הארגון בסבלנות והובילה סדנאות פיתוח מקצועי להנהלה ולשאר הצוות. הניסיון של אילנה יחד עם היכולת לתת משוב וייעוץ אפקטיבי ובונה, באוירה פתוחה וכנה עזרה להצעיד את הארגון למקום טוב יותר. אילנה היא נכס חשוב לארגון שלנו

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