We all know the mantra - your people are your most important asset.

I help leaders convert mantra into actionable strategies to create competitive advantage.


Hi, I’m Ilana.

I am passionate about helping organizations invest in their people to increase productivity.

Let’s face it, leaders are flooded with guidance on management effectiveness. I zero in with clients to diagnose, and move the needle forward with them. There is nothing I love more than supporting leaders to drive fast-paced, actionable strategies that impact the business.

I fell into human resources management early on, rather by accident - I tell people careers are more elegant in hindsight, and that includes my own.


“When Ilana takes on a project, you can be guaranteed that she will deliver a holistic, thoughtful and passion-filled result … Ilana adds incredible energy to everything she touches.”

Lori Johnston, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Amgen



What are your pain points?  What keeps you up at night? Here are four challenges designed to provide a  jumping off point for a productive conversation about how I can best support your goals.


Effective Hiring

Differentiate Through Your Company Culture

Why does a new hire who meets all the technical qualifications sometimes fail?How do we differentiate ourselves in a competitive job market?

Scaling to Work Smarter

Build For Organizational Growth And Change

Given our pace and rate of change or growth, our employees work hard, but I fear are not working “smart” and risk burnout.  What should we work on?

Manager Skill Building

Develop The People Who Manage People

Are there specific skills in managing performance, delivering feedback, motivating and developing employees that can be easily learned?

Team Effectiveness

Getting Great Individuals Working As A Team

I’ve hired great people, yet they are not automatically operating as a high performing team with respect to basics like communication and collaboration.